Meet Zoë

With 26 years in the fitness industry, Zoë has worked in gyms and personal fitness from Asia to Australia and trained the likes of Lenny Henry, Mayor of Bath OBE, editor of the Bath Chronicle, elite triathletes and bodybuilders to brides-to-be and 60+ yr old grannies.

Disillusioned by the profit-driven commercialism of the gym industry, 15 years ago she set up ‘Plan Be’ … a non-threatening, accessible Wellbeing Lifestyle Consultancy focusing on achieving realistic goals with a hands-on gentle approach that works.

Having spent the last few years living and working in Thailand, Zoë has returned to the UK with a baby boy in tow, bringing a whole new meaning to getting back into shape and feeling more energetic.

Passionate about health and wellbeing, yet realistic about the tolls and trials daily life can bring, Zoë can look at your lifestyle and work with you to get achievable, lasting results.

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