Polkerris Ward, Cubicle 11. Happy New Year.

A baby crying like an injured kitten. Slumdog Millionaire on the moveable TV above my head. A plastic cup of prosecco on the table next to my bed, my beautiful little boy lying asleep next to me in his fish tank. He is smiling again but with little holes in his hands and feet, a…

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Thank you, Loi Krathong

The heat is on and the best way to cool down in Thailand ? Get wet! April marks the peak of the hottest, driest season and also the start of Thai New Year which is celebrated by the best, longest and wettest festival, Songkran. I experienced two Songkrans during my time living in Thailand and…

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Random acts of kindness – The Butterfly Effect

The media often do this in January … the bleakest month of the year , when its cold, dark, Christmas is over and Spring is nowhere in sight. People are generally feeling pretty miserable, so to cheer them up, put a smile on their faces and warm their hearts, the national press jump on an…

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